Trump for Prez? Maybe not.

By Nyabuom Akhol Trumped by Donald Trump Running for President? Here’s Why He Wants to Make America Great Again.


He doesn’t. He truly doesn’t. The Republican presidential candidate has made some pretty nasty comments verbally and virtually about women and Mexican immigrants. Both of these groups are significant members of the United States society. They are our neighbors, classmates, and our friends. I don’t see the validity in Trump’s slogan, to “Make America Great Again,” if he’s constantly putting down these groups. Trump has been known to keep his Twitter fingers strong by attacking women on their physical appearance and making ignorant posts about sexual assault against women in the military. First things first, sexual assault is never okay. It doesn’t matter what gender or occupation; no one is entitled to anyone’s body but their own. Also, a woman’s worth is never based on her physical appearance. Never. His misogynistic views and playground bullying are definitely something the country can function without.

During his presidential announcement on June 16 this year, Trump made some extremely bold claims about Mexico “sending” over its people. One of his key arguments was that the country is not sending their best, but they’re indeed sending over criminals. “They’re bringing over drugs. They’re bringing over crimes. They’re rapists,” he states. He later supports his foul comments by saying: “I can never apologize for the truth. I don’t mind apologizing for things. But I can’t apologize for the truth.” As a person who comes from an immigrant family and as a woman, I am disgusted that such an ignorant and arrogant person has the potential to become the next U.S. president.

My conclusion is that the infamous Donald Trump is running for president not to “Make America Great Again” but to expand his brand. He’s a rich businessmen with a questionable haircut who is probably soaking in all the media attention he’s getting right now. I encourage anyone who reads this to vote, just not for Donald Trump.