Did Drake Steal Artwork for his New EP, “Scary Hours?”

It must have been a “scary hour” indeed, as the internet speculated over the accusation that Drake lifted intellectual property for the cover design of his new EP.

On the night of Friday January 19th Drake made the world stop by surprising his fans with two of his latest singles under the name “Scary Hours.” The soul-touching “God’s Plan” and deep-toned “Diplomatic Immunity” were sure to bring good things for Drake in 2018—until he was called out on Instagram by the producer Rabit, who accused the “6 God” of stealing artwork for the album.

Rabit wrote “today I wake up to see OVO has redone one of my 2015 tour posters designed by @collindfletcher for Drake's new single. Poor Collin is always having his style stolen😬lol BUT I love being part of a team that's so creative and iconic.” He shows a side by side comparison of his 2015 tour cover and Drake’s Scary Hours EP cover, and the resemblance is immediate.